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  • UPC: 088685637742
  • Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation
  • SKU: 10210644

Preen Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is an organic formula that will your vegetable garden weed free without harsh chemicals. Preen is formulated to control clover, bluegrass, crabgrass, foxtail, lambsquarters, plantain and other tough weeds. Because it's 100% organic, you don't have to worry, children and pets can play in the area immediately after application.

  • UPC: 038313037109
  • SKU: 10500875
  • Model Number: CT3710

Maximize your gardening with the Corona eGripTrowel. The cast aluminum design boasts a large blade with a unique bag ripper. An ergonomic poly grip minimizes hand stress, and its anti-slip thumb rises and finger guards offer greater stability and control for easy gardening.

  • UPC: 037321006923
  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • SKU: 10204583

Bonide MoleMax Mole and Vole Repellent not only protects your lawn by repelling moles and voles, but also gophers, rabbits, armadillos, ground squirrels and skunks. Great for use in lawns, flower beds and gardens, these clean, dustless, biodegradable granules are safe for use around children, plants and pets. 1 lb of Bonide MoleMax Mole and Vole Repellent treats 500 square feet and lasts up to 3 months.