Ancra Cargo 48″ Heavy-Duty Bungee Cord

Ancra Cargo 48″ Heavy-Duty Bungee Cord

Ancra Cargo

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Ancra built the 48-in. heavy-duty bungee cord with stronger materials for a tougher tie-down. Made with increased stranded latex rubber and a heftier 9mm.-10mm. diameter, the heavy-duty bungee cord features greater tension than standard bungee cords and will last for years.

The 48-in. heavy-duty bungee cord also features dichromate-coated heavy-duty steel wire basket hooks for a superior connection to anchor points with tip covers to prevent tearing or damage to materials. The bungee cord is jacketed with orange polyester yarn, is sold as eaches in bags of 10 or masters of 50, and each cord comes individually UPC coded for resale.

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