Chapin 26021XP: 2-Gallon (7.57-Liter) Pro Poly Sprayer for Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides

Chapin 26021XP: 2-Gallon (7.57-Liter) Pro Poly Sprayer for Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides

Chapin International

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Whether you're a professional landscaper or avid gardener, Chapin's 26021XP is a must have tool.

It's lightweight and heavy-duty, designed with hours of gardening and landscaping tasks in mind. Equipped with the SureSpray in-tank anti clog filter to virtually eliminate clogging. Clear reinforced hose is engineered for use with herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

  • SureSpray anti-clog filter
  • 4-inch (10.16 cm) mouth opening
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Brass nozzle

Applications: weed and pest control, fungus control, fertilizers, general purpose cleaning

Can be used for disinfection only when using a diluted mixture of bleach per the CDC guidelines. CDC states: 5 tbsp (1/3 C) of bleach per gallon of room-temperature water or 4 tsp of bleach per quart of room-temperature water. 

Technical Specs

Model Number 26021XP
Tank Size 2-gallon
Tank Mouth Opening 4-inch wide
Tank Construction poly
Hose Length 48-inches
Hose Material clear reinforced
Shut-Off Material poly cushion-grip
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Spray/Flow Rate (GPM) .4-.5 gpm
Nozzle(s) adjustable poly, adjustable brass, fixed
Filters in-tank
Handle poly-ergonomic
Shipping Weight In Pounds 1
Item Weight In Pounds 5.1
Pressure relief valve yes
Extension Wand Material poly
PSI - Operating Pressure 40-60 psi
Pump Type
Extension Wand Length
Spray Stream Max Vertical
Spray Stream Max Horiz.

*Spray distance is dependent on many factors such as adjusted nozzle orifice size, tank pressure, wind interference and angle of inclination. Spray distances may vary based on user's specific application.

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