Outward Hound Floppyz Chicken

Outward Hound Floppyz Chicken

Outward Hound

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Silly sounds equal more fun with Outward Hound Floppyz. This durable dog toy is made with unique and silly sounds that excite your dog with every flopping, shaking and tugging movement. Made with K9 Tuff Guard, a durable layer of material creates a protective shield for more fun! The Floppyz Chicken comes in an extra large shape and makes a silly squawking sound perfect for interactive play.

  • SHAKE FOR SOUND: Outward Hound Floppyz are durable dog toys built for the shaking, wrangling and wrestling movements your dog makes when they play. Each time the toy shakes and squeaks, a silly sound is released making play time even more exciting.
  • CRAZY CHARACTERS: These funny farm animals ran away from their pins and are headed for your living room! Outward Hound Floppyz characters are available in a Donkey that “Hee-Haws” a Chicken that “Squawks” and a Cow that “Moos.”
  • CHEW SHIELD: Each Outward Hound Floppyz plush dog toy is made with a super durable chew shield that protects the toy and squeaker from tough teeth offering maximum resistance to rough play.
  • BIG ON SIZE AND FUN: Each Outward Hound durable dog toy is made with tough chewers in mind. These Floppyz were constructed with tough seams, and tougher squeakers helping your dog play longer and harder. Available in sizes medium to XL.
  • Makes a Squawking Chicken Sound When Your Dog Shakes It
  • Fun, Floppy Movement
  • Durable Lining Stands Up To Rough and Tough Play

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