Tomcat Liquid Concentrate

Tomcat Liquid Concentrate


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1.7oz Pouches mix with 1 quart of water

Tomcat Liquid Concentrate contains sodium salt of the multiple feed active ingredient Diphacinone.  Each pouch can be mixed with 1 quart of water to prepare a liquid bait to kill Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice.  Even when rodents have an available food source, they still drink water, so Tomcat Liquid Concentrate is an excellent way to supplement a rodent control program especially in hot, dry conditions. 

- Each pouch of Tomcat Liquid Concentrate mixes with one quart of water

- Ideal for hot, dry conditions or areas with a lot of food  sources that compete with bait

- Even when rodents aren’t eating bait, they need to drink water

- Mixed product can be placed in a chicken feeder or any container where rodents will seek out a water source

- Available in 8pk Box or 50 ct (Bulk)

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